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Railblocks 🔗


Railblocks is an ops agency.

We help startups such as On Deck & Mercury become more efficient by designing and implementing internal tooling, automation and data pipelines.

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Jericho (acquired by Digital Asset Solutions) 🔗


Launched in the summer of 2021, Jericho (previously called The Forge) is the leading community of web3 founders. 500 hand-picked founders from 50 different countries meet, learn, and build in Jericho.

It got acquired by Digital Asset Solutions, a web3 venture studio, in april 2024.

The founders of companies such as YGG, Morpho, Liquifi, Sismo, Crossmint, Ethos, Nested, Chainstack, and Kiln are active Jericho members. The average fundraised amount per company is over $4.5M (investors include 1confirmation, a16z, Paradigm, Sequoia, Accel, CMT, Dragonfly, & Lightspeed).

Organized private AMAs for members with the best founders in the space (Polygon, Near, Starkware, Sandbox, Messari & more) once per month.

Got a community NPS of 77.

Monetized the community through VC partnerships ($10k MRR).

Grew our Twitter account organically to 3.3k followers and our newsletter Let’s Fucking Build to 1.5k subscribers.

Created the first double-NFT-gated system and set a web3 community onboarding standard.

Launched Operation 3: a web2-to-web3 talent on-ramping program with Alven & 15 partner companies such as Ledger, Sorare & Sandbox (92 NPS).


Zefir 🔗

Founding team - Employee #2 - Head of Growth & Marketing

Backed by Sequoia Capital, Zefir is an all-in-one European real estate platform (post-Series A, $25M raised, $100M valuation & 70+ employees).

Joined when the company was doing $0 revenue and grew it up to $1.5M monthly revenue in a year.

Created the entire brand from scratch (name, brand, wording, culture).

Led a double funnel (home purchase & home sale) from branding (comms, social, PR) to acquisition (paid, SEO, partnership) to conversion (CRM, sales ops).

Hired and managed a 6-person FT growth & marketing team.

Conducted 300+ interviews to hire our A-player 70-people team across all functions.

Handled the client-facing tech infrastructure in nocode, the customer support processes, and the company’s cultural routines.

Was basically involved in all the major company decisions from day one as part of the founding team.

Decided to leave because I couldn’t escape web3’s rabbit hole. I fell in love.

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The Family 🔗

Head of Content & Events

The Family used to be the leading European incubator (800+ companies | total valuation of $20B+). The European Y Combinator for short.

Organized 300 events per year when working there.

Managed The Family’s Youtube channel and grew it from 40k to 80k subscribers.

Led The Family’s multi-community strategy (CTOs, Pitching, Public Affairs, Women in Tech) with associated content/event strategies & operations.

Wrote The Family’s weekly newsletter and grew it from 2k to 20k subscribers.

Launched & produced The Family’s podcast (4.9 on Apple Podcasts).

Trained 50+ founders on branding, pitching, storytelling, content and event management.

Decided to leave because it felt increasingly sketchy and I wanted to try launching my own company during covid (ended up burning out yay).


École Polytechnique 🔗

Master student

After getting my bachelor's degree at Paris Dauphine University (#1 finance university in France), I got accepted to Polytechnique’s Master PIC.

Polytechnique is the #1 engineering university in France and #21 in the world.

Master PIC is the #1 innovation management degree in Europe, in partnership with HEC, Les Mines & Telecom.

Our master’s trip was to Shanghai where I participated in a blockchain x health hackathon back in 2018.

My thesis was about combining innovative exploration & operations in middle-sized companies (1k-5k people). My research was conducted at Guerbet, a French pharmaceutical company producing contrast agents (operations) and working on AI in medical imaging with IBM Watson (exploration).

I also worked on M&A deals at Guerbet, analyzing 50+ companies in robotics, nanotechnology, AI, & medical imaging. I conducted 3 M&A processes from zero to due diligence (market analysis, DCF valuation and deal documentation).

Decided to leave Guerbet because startups > corporate world.


<aside> ✍️ Writing

I started writing songs at 7yo and novels at 10yo.

I love writing about different topics, here are some examples:


<aside> 🌻 Poetry

I’ve been writing one poem per day before going to sleep for over two years. I share those poems on a 2nd Twitter account.


<aside> 💰 Angel investor

I have invested in 3 early-stage startups (Payfit, Bellman and Vybe).


<aside> 🎤 Rap

I started rapping at 15yo. I participated in open mics and French rap battles. Startups hooked me a bit more in the end, but considered going all in on rap at some point in my life.


<aside> 🎪 Festivals

I co-created the first vegan festival in Europe. I was vice president of the biggest student festival organization in Paris (L’Oreille - 60 people).


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